Angelina Jolie - The incredible Shrinking WOMEN!

She may have shot to fame as the fearless and tough Lara Croft, but Angelina Jolie is now a fragile shadow of her former self. The actress looked frail as she returned from dropping daughter Zahara and son Pax off to school in Prague, with her white trousers and t-shirt sitting loosely around her tiny frame. Jolie has acknowledged her worrying weightloss, saying it is a result of stress.


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    You know, even gossip blogs should strive for accuracy. She didn't say 'stress,' she said her body's metabolism after breast feeding had changed, so she's learning how to deal with that, on top of her mother's dying (grief). It's being addressed by her and she's working on adding pounds - for some people that's just as much a struggle as LOSING weight, and since 75% of Americans are overweight and will be sick later in life (if they are lucky enough to get there) they know this. So how many different ways are you people going to keep harping on her 'skinniness'? When Oprah had a fat azz, did you post 24/7 365 that her ass was big and fat?? Get off her. If it was true and she was 'stressed' - my guess is you people stalking her and taking 10,001 pics in order to take pictures that show her thinness at just the right angles, might make her more stressed - ever think of that sh*theads?? Not that you care or anything - and it's good Angelina doesn't either.

    That still doesn't make this constant harping and nastiness right.  

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