Hayden Panettiere at the "Ratatouille" World Premiere in Hollywood (6/22/7)

I usually love what she wears, but she resembles Paris Hilton too much in this outfit. This is something I could see Paris Hilton wearing on a night of slutting it up.


3 Responses to “Hayden Panettiere at the "Ratatouille" World Premiere in Hollywood (6/22/7)”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    i dont like hayden, she doesnt even dress well, the belt is FAKE fendi and the shoes OH Man FAKE christian louboutins, they look like the nine west copycats..  

  2. # Blogger Amy

    No. For it to be a Paris Hilton outfit, it would have to be five inches shorter, show more cleavage and there would be a flash of panties being shown.

    I think Hayden looks beautiful, and you people need to back off.  

  3. # Blogger Palm Springs Savant

    I just posted a Paris Hilton parody on my blog. stop by and check it out:


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