Jail Visit to Paris Left Nicky in Hysterics!

Kathy Hilton and daughter Nicky are still reeling from their visits to Paris in jail, they tell PEOPLE. "It's tough. It is," said Kathy, who saw her daughter on Tuesday. "It's just one hour a week: 30 minutes on Sunday and 30 minutes on Tuesday. We talk through glass." "And this one" – gesturing to Nicky – "left in hysterics," Kathy added. "Nicky tried to keep the brave face but – I never see Nicky cry." Nicky and her mother spoke to PEOPLE on Thursday after attending family friend Barbara Walters's ceremony to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Interviewed at a private luncheon, Nicky described her visit to the jail on Sunday as surreal. "It's sad. It's like right out of the movies," she said. "The glass partition, the orange jumpsuit. Everything." Nicky spoke of what she saw as the unfairness in Paris's case. "What's annoying is all these people are going on television saying that she was drinking and driving," said Nicky. "She's not in jail for DUI. That's a big misconception. She's in jail for driving on a suspended license, just like the D.A.'s wife was. ... She got a $186 fine."


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    Most people don't receive the same punishment as Paris has, granted. But most people don't show the utter contempt for the law that she has either - a little respect would have gone a long way. She thought she was above any law the rest of us have to abide and IMO her bad, spoiled brat attitude is what landed her there, not the infraction itself...she should take responsibility already instead of whining about the unfairness of it all...  

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