Angelina Jolie - said she was sorry and not at all responsible for trying to get Fox News banned from the premiere of "A Mighty Heart" last week - but, sources are saying this is not true? The pouty-lipped baby addict apologized for not only trying to ban Fox reporters, but also for not allowing anyone to ask personal questions - and then blamed her overzealous lawyers when a public furor arose.

But sourcessay that Jolie went on to ban some entertainment weeklies, including Us Weekly and Life & Style, from speaking to her at the film's junket on Friday at the Waldorf-Astoria - only deigning to allow access to OK! and her reliable ally, People magazine, which is inclined to swallow her p.r. hook, line and sinker. Over the past few years, People has paid Jolie millions for the rights to publish photos of her and Brad Pitt's various kids, which she gave to charities, upping her positive publicity. An insider who's worked with Jolie said, "Angelina is a control freak. She knows everything that goes and is very hands-on. It's unbelievable to me that she wouldn't know exactly what was going on at all times."



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