Lindsay Lohan no wonder the girl has PROBLEMS - Lindsay's parents RIP each other apart!

It is no wonder this poor girl has so many problems. Her parent continue to leave dignity at home. Her parents faced off in divorce court this morning -- but the real action went down after the hearing, when Dina Lohan's security guard and Michael Lohan traded some vicious verbal jabs.
Dina began divorce proceedings against ex-felon Michael in a Long Island courtroom just a few minutes ago. While Dina accused Michael of breaching their separation agreement by speaking out to the media, Michael alleged that Dina owes him money through the pact as well. But afterwards, Dina's "security guy," Ty Dux, made nasty allegations that Lindsay, Dina and the rest of the Lohan clan are "scared" of Michael, and that the family "didn't sleep at night, even when he was in jail." Michael angrily laid into Dux, calling him a liar and accusing him of being "in cahoots" with Dina Lohan's brother, Paul Sullivan, who, as Michael felt compelled to point out, was arrested on fraud charges connected to Sept. 11.While Dina waited in her car, Michael's lawyers repeatedly urged him to keep his mouth shut. He didn't comply. Everyone wants there 15 minutes of fame and he is no exception!
From her media seeking mother to her felon father, Lindsay should just divorce her parents!

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