PARIS Hilton is supposedly at the breaking point in jail - but she'll be breaking out the champagne and partying like mad the second she's released, if her parents get their way. The celebutard's doting daddy, Rick Hilton, was recently shopping a "Get Out of Jail" bash for his little girl to the top Las Vegas clubs, including Pure, the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino and the Palms.
"He was originally asking for a $50,000 cash fee to be paid, as well as accommodations and flights," said our source. "Pure and Hard Rock said 'no' flat out, but George Maloof, who owns the Palms, didn't say yes or no. He's very good pals with Paris and is the one who once hooked her up with Britney Spears." But following last week's Paris pingpong match - in which the L.A. Sheriff's Dept. sprung her from the slammer because of a "medical condition," only to have a judge order her back inside - Rick's big party-push has been put on hold. Still, insiders say they're positive an out-of-the-slammer soiree remains in the works and will be even more expensive than Rick originally had in mind. "Her cost has gone up," said our informer. Hilton rep Eliot Mintz did not return e-mails.



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