Paris Hilton Says "I'm Grateful Now"

Pairs Hilton is trying to pretend like she is change person. We all know it's a great way to get more money. However, I doubt anyone will believe once she goes clubbing and boozing every night of her life again.

In a interview from jail she said she's a changed woman who now appreciates "things I took for granted" and plans to use her fame "in a good way." "I'm so much more grateful for everything that I have, even just to have a pillow at night or food," Hilton told Ryan Seacrest in a phone conversation.

She says she plans to use her celebrity for good and doesn't want to be the object of ridicule anymore. "You know my gratitude has gone up so much and I just realize that the media used me to make fun of and be mean about it," she tells Seacrest in the interview for Thursday's show. "Frankly [I'm] sick of it and I want to use my fame in a good way."

Of her life behind bars, Hilton, who was jailed for violating probation for driving with a suspended license, says it's been difficult being kept from her family. "I am behind glass and I want to give my dad a big hug and they won't even let me do that." If she misses her dad so much why is she calling Ryan Seacrest to during her 1 hour of free time during the day and not her dad?

She also insists that she is not receiving any special treatment in jail. "That's how the rules are, you have to be behind glass," she said. "I'm not a criminal, I'm not dangerous, so it makes me feel like that. It's hard but I'm stronger everyday."

As for the future, Hilton says: "I just can't wait to see my family and have a nice meal and be in my own bed and appreciate all the things I took for granted and never really thought much about." In other words, a big expensive dinner and party is coming....


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