Paris ready to change ORANGE for couture!

Paris Hilton received a weekend visit from her mother, who pronounced her daughter in good shape but frustrated. "I think she's very, very excited to see the family," Kathy Hilton, 48, accompanied by two assistants, told PEOPLE as she entered the Lynwood, Calif., lockup on Saturday before spending an hour inside. "Paris is doing really well, she is really looking forward to going home, and she thanks you in the press who supported her," a family spokeswoman said afterwards. "She wants to be with the family and she can't wait to take that orange suit off." The visitors said Paris pressed her hands against the glass in the visiting area, frustrated she couldn't hug her mother. Kathy Hilton also told PEOPLE that Paris appears to be in good shape – though she is upset with her situation. "She's sick of orange," says her mother. But, Kathy Hilton added, her daughter's "health is good. She looks ... like Paris."



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