Sopranos ENDS after 86 episodes!

The real Tony Awards were in New Jersey last night, as the Soprano family gathered in a diner. There were all sorts of suspicious characters around. What was going to happen? The tension was insurmountable. And then ... as Meadow ran into the joint to join Tony, Carmela and A.J. ... nothing. A black, blank screen.

Several seconds of silence. What, did the signal cut out?
And then ... closing credits. So let's get this straight ... no one woke up and got themselves a gun? After eight-and-a-half years, six "seasons" (remember when a TV "season" related to the four seasons?) and 86 episodes, The Sopranos signed off last night with an installment titled Made in America.

Well ... uh ... who the hell knows? Perhaps the best way to end a series is not to end it. In any event, Tony didn't die, as far as we know, which leaves the door open for a possible picking-up of this saga down the road. Artistically, that last scene was really, really cool. Nice spooky work by creator David Chase. But for sure, some people are going to feel very ripped off.

I did not really like the ending, they leave it open to make a movie.....



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