Single mum yesterday told of her secret romance with George Clooney

A BRITISH single mum yesterday told of her secret four-month romance with movie heart-throb George Clooney.
The superstar fell for pretty Sarah Talley, 33, after meeting her in a Las Vegas nightspot.
The Yorkshire-born redhead was whisked off her feet in style as George flew her around in his private jet and wined and dined her at his Hollywood mansion.

But he also wooed her with simple romantic gestures such as getting up early to cook her breakfast, cuddling her tenderly as they watched films and lavishing her young son with gifts such as a replica Live8 guitar. And George was such an old-fashioned gentleman that the pair spent their first two nights together without having sex. When they finally did get intimate two weeks later, it was worth the wait. Sarah said: "He made me feel like a woman. He told me I was beautiful, kissed all down my neck and made me tingle. It was all I hoped it would be and better."



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