Al Gore in Bookie Bust

An Irish bookmaker who offered 14-to-1 odds that Al Gore would be the next high-profile American to be arrested paid out on Friday after police detained the former vice president's son, also named Al.

Al Gore III appears with his parents, Al and Tipper Gore.

Having not specified which Al bettors could back, Paddy Power said some of the 50 or so people who placed money on the rank outsider being arrested had been quick to claim their winnings. "We got a good stoning thanks to the vice president's son," the company said in a statement. The "bizarre coincidence" would cost it more than $13,600.


2 Responses to “Al Gore in Bookie Bust”

  1. # Anonymous Beth

    I'd bet he'll get arrested for FRAUD, for just about every fraudulent, deranged, paranoid bleat that spews from his mouth.

    (Not a fan of the Goracle, can you tell?)

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    poor bloke has to stay in the limelight somehow.  

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