Doherty Refuses To Quit Drugs - WHAT WOMEN would date this MAN?

Apparently Pete Doherty 'Not Ready' To Give Up Drugs Troubled rocker Pete Doherty will continue to use drugs for the forseeable future because he is "not ready" to give up - according to his mum. The Babyshambles frontman's battle with illegal substances is well-documented, but his mother Jacqueline insists once he kicks the habit, he will "rise up again".

She says, "Pete's not ready to give up yet. "He will have to hit rock bottom before he can rise up again." Meanwhile Johnny Borrell says: 'I Can'T Understand What Doherty Says' Razorlight star JOHNNY Borrell refuses to speak to music rival Pete Doherty because he can't understand anything he says.
Sober or not Pete is nasty, what women in her right mind would date this man and for that matter how could anyone consider marrying him?


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