Madona OVER Britney-She's A Disappointment!

Apparently it is not good "to piss off Mother Madonna". Madge is disappointed in Britney Spears' selfish behavior and ticked off that the pop star has not fully embraced Kabbalah.
Madonna Piles On: Now Bad-Mouthing Britney Spears in Public?
So much so that Star magazine reports that Madonna has taken to bad-mouthing her former protégé in public! Sources tell Star that at two recent parties in London, the 48-year old spate of "look at me" behavior. Ouch!

"Madonna’s so over her," says one insider. While the Material Girl has been a tireless advocate for AIDS causes and African relief, “she thinks Brit is being selfish,” says the source. “She wishes she wouldn’t waste her energy like she has. Instead, she thinks Brit should use her power for a better cause - to make a difference in the world.”
Madonna also told friends she’s been trying to get Britney to attend more Kabbalah meetings, but the source says Brit has totally blown her off.


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