PARIS to leave Hollywood for the SIMPLE Life!

Apparently, Paris Hilton is selling her Hollywood Hills home in a bid to lead a quieter life. The hotel heiress, who recently served 23 days in a California county jail for driving with a suspended licence, is reportedly planning to leave Hollywood to escape the wild party scene. Paris' current home is close to Los Angeles' most infamous nightclubs and she has been inundated by invitations from friends begging her to party since being released from prison last week.

However, Paris is keen to prove she is serious about distancing herself from her old life and is set to move to Beverly Hills. A source told Britain's The Sun newspaper: "Her current home carries too much temptation. All her clubbing friends come round before and after they go out and try to get her involved. "She's going to move to Beverly Hills. It's a quieter area and full of older stars rather than the young party set."


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    thats weird. beverly hills is a 10 minute drive from hollywood. if she moved to idaho i would believe that this was some sort of attempt for change but a bit further west is nothing more than an upgraded home.  

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