Britney Spears Parties and Looks Trashy.... What's New?

After, the divorce papers were signed Britney headed for a night out at West Hollywood lounge Bridge. So much for rehab and where are her children? I know kfed is watching them, but she never ever goes out with them?

On a side note, Britney Spears is so trashtastic it is unbelievable. She honestly has no clue when it comes to matching. Maybe, she puts on the most ridiculous stuff so people will talk about her? Everything that she is wearing is so wrong! That hat is horrendous!


2 Responses to “Britney Spears Parties and Looks Trashy.... What's New?”

  1. # Blogger J

    These photos are nothing compared to her normal trashiness. As bad as she looks here, at least she appears to have taken a shower and made some effort to clean up, which she rarely seems to do these days.  

  2. # Anonymous Britney Rocks

    its not a partie!
    March 29 - Britney with friends at Bridge restaurant - West Hollywood, Ca

    and she looks Beautiful!  

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