Britney Spears Hates Her Manager?

Rumor is that Britney Spears has been telling friends that she “hates” Larry Rudolph and never intended to sign with him again after leaving his orbit in October 2004. However, after her separation from Kevin Federline, Rudolph stepped in and got Britney to sign with him again.

“She signed a five year contract with him,” says a source. “She says she didn’t know what she was doing at the time, and can’t stand him. But what can she do? Bring in a lawyer and say she signed under duress? That she was drunk or stoned?”

If Britney is unhappy with Rudolph, it’s likely that she can’t do much about it, especially with that contract. But after her divorce, all her rehab expenses and her constant nights on the town at pricey L.A. restaurants Spears had better get back to work. And just an album won’t cut it. She’s got to figure out a way to tour. It’s the only way left to make money.source


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