Celebrity Dirty Laundry Fashion Fix

This is Celebrity Dirty Laundry's third fashion Fix! Just to remind everyone Celebrity Dirty Laundry has joined forces with Stylebites to provide my blog readers with a celebrity fashion column every week. Rachel, the editor of Stylebites will decode or criticize the fashion of the young and famous each week.

The Victim? Mischa Barton!

One of my friends here in Prague had the coolest job in the world. She used to work for a non-profit that flew her all over the world to talk to newspaper editors. Though she swore that it was really tough to be on the road so much, I couldn't help but be jealous of the places she got to go (to shop).

The problem was, as style savvy as my friend is (very!), she would end up with the random piece now and then that no one had any idea how to wear. While a hand painted wrap skirt from Indonesia might seem like a perfect buy at the time, if it doesn't hang right or if the colors/style aren't really "you" then you'll never wear it. And as this friend was packing for her super new job at Google in California, we puzzled over what to do with some of these exotic buys.

Mischa Barton is obviously dealing with similar confusion. Outfits like the purple monster above, are only worn in public if the wearer believes:
  1. I am famous, I can wear anything. Stylebites says: No way honey. If you've achieved icon status the lens are always going to be on you.
  2. I am skinny, I can... (read more here)


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  1. # Blogger Annemarie

    I don't care if she is a celebrity! This outfit looks disgusting....... I guess being a celebrity does not mean you have good taste.....  

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