Paris Hilton and James Blunt Dating?

Paris is giving another man Herpes.... This time it is James Blunt!

Paris Hilton has been spotted with Desperate Housewives Josh Henderson, but Paris has already grown tired of him.

Paris Hilton showed up at Teddy's in LA Wednesday night with James Blunt. Spies told that they "danced and held hands" before starting to make out.

James Blunt's said, "This sounds like gossip to me!"


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1 Responses to “Paris Hilton and James Blunt Dating?”

  1. # Blogger jumblejd

    This photo is so obviously and poorly photoshopped.

    You can see the line's around the male's head as well as the huge difference between the grainy quality of Paris Hilton and the clear photo quality of the photoshopped male.

    Did you wake up blind today or something?  

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