50 Cent pulls a Vanilla ICE!

50 Cent Caught Lip-syncing.... 50 Cent was left red-faced at the B.E.T. Awards on Tuesday night after fans spotted him lip-syncing his new single onstage.Sources tell MediaTakeOut.com the rapper was caught out when he mimed the lyrics to Amusement Park over an instrumental version of the track mistakenly played by his Dj Whoo Kidd.
One eagle-eyed audience member who spotted the split-second gaffe, says, "The whole thing was so embarrassing. To get caught like that in front of millions of people is almost unimaginable."
50 Cent then prowled the stage waiting for the right song to cue - leaving many fans puzzled as to what was going on onstage.
Another fan says, "No one in the audience really knew what was going on. It just seemed like he cut the performance short... But now that I know he was lip-syncing, I think it's hilarious."



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