Paris NEW Radio DJ Career!

At this point I have to ask myself if Paris going to jail was a planned event. The offers after her time in jail are coming in. Apparently Paris Hilton a self described "businesswoman," could be taking on the radio business? Residents of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, may soon be rising to the voice of the recently-incarcerated heiress...if a local radio station has their way.

KDWB Radio has offered Paris a 1-year, $1,000,000 contract to co-host their morning show, and they hope Hilton will seriously consider taking the gig. “We need a co-host. She needs something to do. It’s playing music and talking while sitting on a comfortable chair. There’s very little stress or anxiety and absolutely no metal toilets!” says longtime morning show host Dave Ryan in a statement. My guess is she we won't be hearing Paris at this radio station anytime soon - lol...


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