Amy Winehouse - Life of the WEIRD and WACKY!

Amy Winehouse cutthe name of her beloved's name into body. In a video on, Winehouse, 23, is seen posing for photographer Terry Richardson while scratching on her exposed midriff with a shard of a broken mirror. In another clip, her husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, whom she wed in May, asks her, "How do you think the shoot's going, Baby?" "Really well, Baby," she replies sarcastically. "What did you think about the broken glass?" he asks. In a childlike voice, Winehouse replies, "I wrote 'I love Blake' on my tummy." She lifts her shirt to bare her stomach, although the cuts are not visible on the video. "It's just chicken scratch," she says, as she and Fielder-Civil laugh. This singer is to weird, this is just disturbing!


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