Apparently, a man is driving a wedge between Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen! Millionaire boy toy Max Snow is not liked by Ashley, and she's telling her friends exactly that! The Olsen pal says, "Ashley never liked him from the get go, and now, as time has gone on, she thinks that he's a bad influence on Mary-Kate." While the pal won't elaborate on what kind of negative influence Snow, 22, is bringing into Mary-Kate's world, the source does say, "It worries Ashley that Mary-Kate is so passive around him, and lets him do the decision making." She also says that Snow might seem mild-mannered and peaceful, but he has a temper that blows big time when he's upset. "Ashley witnessed it for herself when Mary-Kate forgot to pick up something he wanted at the store. Max was screaming at the top of his lungs things that were awful and insulting. Mary-Kate was teary-eyed and upset, but told Ashley 'He does that a lot --it blows over.'"


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