Bob Barker backs Rosie O'Donnell for 'The Price is Right'

Bob Barker endorsed his friend Rosie O'Donnell as a possible successor on "The Price Is Right," although the newly retired host isn't sure CBS wants a woman to take over the game show.
"I believe they're going to have a meeting with Rosie," Barker said backstage Friday night at the Daytime Emmy Awards, where he won his 19th trophy.
"She knows the show," he said. "There's no doubt in my mind she could do the show. Now, whether they want a lady host, I don't know. I've never heard that discussed. As far as I know, they've only auditioned men." Barker said his friendship with O'Donnell goes back several years, when she had him as a guest on her old daytime talk show.
"She told me she loved 'The Price Is Right' and wanted to host it one day," he recalled.



3 Responses to “Bob Barker backs Rosie O'Donnell for 'The Price is Right'”

  1. # Blogger The Kid

    Letting that vitriolic swine take over for a gentle living legend like BB is akin to having Ann Coulter take over for Trebec on Jeopardy . . . it's about the worst choice they could make for TPIR. They'd certainly (and immediately) lose nearly half their viewership. But then, fairness is void in todays left-leaning media.  

  2. # Blogger 6UL DV8

    TPIR is no place for a fat angry lesbian. this show is supposed to be upbeat and fun. Festive joyful and exciting are what Bob made that show. I dont see rosie bringing any of that to the show. find someone who will stay for another 30 years, not someone you'll want to fire before the first year....first time she pops her big fat mouth off  

  3. # Anonymous Jo

    It would be a travesty to put "RO" on TPIR show.

    PLEASE! NO MO' RO!! Not anywhere. Staying home and out of the public eye is the smartest thing she could do. If they put her on the nicest show on TV, I will NEVER watch it again. They will lose 95% or more of their viewers.

    The best "View" I ever saw was when Elizabeth finally had enough of being put down and ridiculed and she stood up for herself. Rosie then ran like the coward that she is. That is what bullies do when confronted. What a big payoff that was!

    Any network stupid enough to give RO a show will lose major viewers & bucks.

    I think the whole world is sick of her and her idiotic "theories" on 911 and her far-left, over the top ideas.

    I totally agree with the other two here who made comments. I'm pretty sure you will get 95% or more comments along these lines.

    Thanks for the opportunity to speak out. I will continue to watch your site here.  

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