Britney Spears Gives Her Mom the Lawyer Papers!

Britney Spears visited her mom today give her a lawyer's letter! Lets just say Britney's mom wasn't to happy!

Britney gave the 'note' this afternoon on a film set where Britney's younger sister Jamie Lynn is working. There are reports circulating that the papers are a restraining order, but TMZ has confirmed that is NOT the case. It is a letter from an out-of-state lawyer. By the way, Britney could not legally serve her mom with a restraining order if she was the one seeking it.

Sources say Britney feels that her mom turned on her in the days before she entered Promises rehab. She also feels Lynne Spears is not stable enough to be around Brit's kids because she may have her own "issues." We're told the letter bluntly asks Lynne to stay away from the children if she is taking any medications that would impair her ability to be around them.



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  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    She has issues with her mom. So she feels her kids will have same issues if mom came into their lives.As for the other issues she has,one day she will realize she can be there for her kids even if her own mom was not there for her and even if there is no man around to support her in bringing them up.That is when she will become a normal adult. When she realizes the kids are all motivation needed now to lead a normal healthy life. Later on, she can have a stable man in her life as well. But first she should deal with personal issues alone for herself and the children.  

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