Cameron Diaz leaving Cipriani restaurant, London - June 09, 2007

Cameron does not look her best here, I don't know about you but I find her face is very puffy looking, wonder what she has been doing?

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  1. # Blogger pina

    Yeah, She was sitting right on the corner of the restaurant -with four gentleman -which is used for the VIPs. There also was the Dolce Gabbana sitting not far away from Cameron Diaz. She apperared much better looking then how she looked on the movies in my opinion. Paparatzies were not allowed to enter to the Restaurant hence the pictures are taken outside the rest. When we left around 11pm she was still having her meal. So she proabably left long after that. That must be the reason shy she looks tired on the both picts.So well, that was it. It was a posh restaurant and you were not allowed to use your camera unfortunately.  

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