Give me a BREAK - More Paris IF YOU still care !

Apparently, Paris was so scared that a photo might be taken of her on the toilet that she didn't eat or drink for three days. A source told the Daily News, "She was absolutely terrified that one of the guards or staffers would get her with the cell-phone cam and it would wind up on the Internet." Going without food and water, especially water, for any prolonged period of time could kill her, so Paris is going to have to find another strategy to serve out her 45 days and sit and pee inpeace. I cannot believe she is so DUMB, but who knows? In other no-big-shock-there-news, it's been reported that while Hilton's friends are all support and smiles to her face, behind her back they're trying to steal her party girl crown. "Paris is the queen bee of her clique in Hollywood," says a source, "Now she's not there, there is a lot of jostling for her crown." That's what frenemies are for!


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