Oh No - Now that Rosie's Gone Less people are viewing the VIEW!

There is Rosie O'Donnell news this morning! She met with the producers of CBS's "The Price Is Right" on Thursday, but wound up passing on their offer to host the show. Apparently, they made her a substantial offer, but that the location of the show — Los Angeles — was the deal-breaker. Just as predicted, Rosie will not move from New York. She's set here, and in Miami. So that's it. No amount of money can change it. But "The Price Is Right," like other TV people interested in Rosie, should know this: Since O'Donnell left "The View" on May 25, the ABC talk-fest has lost over 400,000 viewers.


3 Responses to “Oh No - Now that Rosie's Gone Less people are viewing the VIEW!”

  1. # Blogger Jules

    I know that I quit watching after she left. It's not the same without her, she was the spark! I considered watching because of Joy Behar but for some reason felt that Barbara Walters was going to be on more and nothing is worth that.  

  2. # Blogger Jules

    I heard Barbara Walters claimed just the opposite, that ratings went up after Rosie left. Delusional woman that Barbara is.  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I don't watch The View anymore either since Rosie left. I don't watch because of Elizabeth. She ruins the show, and I don't see why Walters can't see that. I watched the show where Elizabeth refused to answer Rosie and then it escalated. Rosie was right and Elizabeth was wrong, like she always is, when she gets loud and throws a fit. I emailed Walters and even said many people want her to get rid of Elizabeth, and that only two people could replace Rosie with any success and those two are Whoopi Goldberg and Rosanne Barr, but I doubt Walters pays any attention to anyone's opinion.  

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