Paris Hilton in Maui With Ashley Scott


2 Responses to “Paris Hilton in Maui With Ashley Scott”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I thought the talking heads
    hit the nail on the mark when
    they equated Paris Hilton to
    Anna Nicole Smith and her
    media attention and love/hate
    relationship with the public.
    To say the Hilton's are the
    example of the "upper class"
    in America.....that's a bit
    much. You can dress up white
    trash and give it some fashion
    sense......but what about
    the Hilton's says "class".
    They exploit themselves like
    a bunch of rich stripers...
    whose definition of "class" is that? She's a major troubled
    narcisit with a check book( which
    was an accidental gift of birth.)

  2. # Anonymous Bilal

    Hi.......Ashley Scott looks very good ok.....  

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