Paris Hilton Proves Dumber Than Thought

I think this is the saddest "interview' I have ever seen. Larry King held no bars and really laid into her.

How he went to break? "She says her dumb act is no longer cute. Was it cute in the first place? we'll be right back.".

She looked like a complete ass. Best Statement? I have never done drugs! Pictures prove otherwise! Her medical condition? "I've suffered from claustrophobia my entire life" ? Since when was that a medical condition? I bet thousands of inmates will be lining with this condition tomorrow.

How did Paris make a name for herself? Not with a sex tape, but with her business skills! She has a TV show (reality), CD (flopped), etc... Need I say all after the sex tape.

At the end of the show Larry asked her what her favorite verse from the bible was? Ironically, after going on about religion she couldn't think of one. She was actually stumped! She tried to pull her notes over, but I guess she forgot to write that one down!

Click on wonky eye Paris Hilton to watch the whole interview


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