What happen to Him? Heath Ledger

Oh my gosh, what happen to him, he use to be hot.... He looks so old and he looks like he needs a bath.


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  1. # Blogger HeathHeathens.com

    Oh, he's beautiful. Heath just happens to be a bit more laid back then some people like. Looks well-rested and relaxed. He's clean & freshly showered; his face is non-greasy, stubble to a minimum. Hair is clean (flapping in the breeze instead of sticking to his head), although it does have some product on it. And I can't tell you how much I love, love, LOVE his hair there.

    This is a great set of pics. Georgous!!  

  2. # Blogger Lindsay

    he looks a mess cos he's in the middle of filming the dark knight. the hair is usually dyed green and slicked back!  

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