Paris Hilton Settles For Larry King

What a changed slut she is! Paris has already agreed to do an interview less than 48 hours of her release. Paris Hilton will make her post-jail appearance on "Larry King Live" Wednesday night and sources say she will appear in-stuido for the entire hour of the show.

Paris Hilton had to settle for Larry King after major networks told her screw off. Apparently, the Hilton's tried to get upwards of $1 million for an interview. Isn't that something a changed person would do!

NBC and ABC the lead runners were so put off they declined to airing any sort of interview with Paris. It also didn't help that many polls showed that an overwhelming percentage of people didn't give a shit about hearing Paris spew out shit .

UPDATE: According to a CNN source, "Paris will not be paid a dime for the interview." . This is what she got for being greedy!


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