Britney Spears: Cuts Mommy Dearest out of WILL!

Apparently Britney has hanged the custody ares of her will. She has allegedly changed her will to ensure her mother Lynne never gains custody of her grandsons, 22-month-old Sean Preston and 10-month-old Jayden James.
Britney's teenage sister Jamie Lynne is now set to inherit the star's estate and custody of her sons when the singer dies, according to National Enquirer magazine.
Britney also reportedly stipulates in the new will that her cousin Alli Sims will look after the boys if she dies before age 15 Jamie Lynn turns 21.
Relations between Britney and Lynne allegedly turned sour after the 'Lucky' singer felt her mother forced her into rehab.


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  1. # Blogger Tay

    Jamie's 16, not 15. Get your facts straight. ;)  

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