Katharine McPhee Stuff Magazine August 2007

This just does not fit in with my idea of Katharine McPhee.... What do u think?


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    I don't see how Katharine McPhee's Stuff Magazine pictorial (August 2007) is any different than similar photo shoots done by Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Lopez, or Christina Aguilera. Talented singers and performers who are beautiful and sexy can increase their exposure (no pun intended) this way. Just because her fan base was developed through her time on American Idol, doesn't mean that she should be forever forced into a syrupy sweet and innocent professional persona. At the end of the day, her exceptional voice will continue to be her defining characteristic. In the meantime, let her come out of her shell a little. Her male fans (like me - surprise, surprise), adore both her vocal talents and her beauty. Viva la difference!
    - by JMC  

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