The Perils of Pauline - oops PARIS!

Paris Hilton has made her first appearance on the club scene since being released from jail last week.The recently-incarcerated heiress partied at Los Angeles hotspot Les Deux on Friday night, PEOPLE reports. Paris reportedly arrived at the Hollywood club shortly before midnight, flanked by a group that included her sister, Nicky, and music producer David Foster's daughter, Erin Foster.Sporting a black fedora and gray-sleeved shirt, Hilton sat at a table with two bodyguards who helped protect her from photo-snapping fans.But far be it from Paris to simply sit around at a club -- the party girl in her came out with a vengeance when she reportedly jumped up on a couch, and then "danced seductively" against a wall as she sang along to a number of songs (including her own little ditty, "Stars are Blind"). "Paris was super happy and full of smiles," a clubgoer reportedly told PEOPLE. "She was laughing, having fun, drinking, dancing, singing along to songs, talking to everyone and hugging all the girls at her table."



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