Lindsay Lohan Drives Drunk Again and Again?

She looks wasted and overly orange as usual. Whats with all the hollywood girls drinking and driving. They have enough money to hire someone to pick them up, but they choose to drive wasted all the time?


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  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I just think it's probably old news. Lindsay is one of the most beautiful young actresses out there with really incredible talent who is choosing to just throw it all away and be a fruitloop. So after awhile, she's just old boring news.......who cares?!! She'll kill herself behind all this partying, and that's her choice. It's too bad, with all she has been given and could be, but I just think that after a certain point, it's just .........NEXT!!! Watching her make news by getting smashed and work her way through Hollywood on her back is just pretty boring.  

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