Britney Spears Just Doesn't Get Her Career is Over

Remember the "performances" Britney Spears did two months ago? The disastrous outfits, lip-syncing and tape skipping that she was ridiculed for? I guess Britney was the only one that didn't get she was a joke.... She is set to hit the stage again June 30 at L.A.'s Greek Theatre. Other peformers include Cyndi Lauper, Erasure, Debbie Harry, The Dresden Dolls, The MisShapes with special guest Jeffree Star and host Margaret Cho live onstage for the "True Colors" concert tour.

Isn't she embarrassed that she is performing with has beens?

What will she be doing next wedding receptions?



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  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Britney has less of a career now than those acts on the tour. So she's the has been looking for a bit of (good) publicity.  

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