Cameron Diaz Ruined a Marriage?

The wife of magician Criss Angel yesterday accused him of having an affair with Cameron Diaz, claiming their marriage broke down as soon as the TV illusionist got famous and bedded the Hollywood star.

Celebrity lawyer Dominic Barbara - who represents Angel's wife, Joanne Sarantakos - says he will now subpoena Diaz and have her testify about their romance, in state Supreme Court in Mineola, to support the spurned spouse's divorce suit on the grounds of mental cruelty and abandonment.

Angel who changed his name from Sarantakos and moved to Las Vegas after he hit the big time with his TV show "Mindfreak" - kept his wife of five years "as a secret" to increase his sex appeal to female fans, Barbara said.

The couple had a 15-year relationship, he said.

"We're naming Cameron Diaz as his lover," Barbara told the court. "We will subpoena her as soon as she comes back to New York."

Later, he said he'd had Angel tailed by a private investigator for six months.

Angel's lawyer, Elliot Weiner, did not deny the adultery allegation.

Cameron Diaz's flack did not return phone calls and e-mails.

The wandering conjurer praised Diaz as "one of the most beautiful actresses - A-list actresses - in Hollywood" earlier this month when he dedicated a Houdini-like escape illusion to her in Manhattan.

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