Paula Abdul - New Reality SHOW a BOMB!

This is a big surprise - NOT - Only 607,000 viewers suffered through here new reality show. Can you believe thats about half the amount Being Bobby Brown received. Guess what? , it is safe to say Hey Paula is a reality TV bomb.
The show premiered last Thursday with two original back-to-back half hour episodes, and hardly made a mark on the TV ratings scale. The few that did watch are asking for that hour of their lives back, saying the show is incredibly dull and even Paula’s nonsensical antics fail to entertain.
What we have learned after this show is, Paula is more likeable when she does NOT talk!


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  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    paulas show started 1 hour earlier than it said in tv guide haha,. so im not surprised it got low ratings. it was definitely not dull btw, it was very entertaining but really just if you like laughing at paula, and i dont want to laugh at her because i like her  

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