Why Can't Britney Spears Walk Without Holding Hands?

Seriously, is she that unstable? She always does it! She is not able to walk without holding someones hand? Or does she think its still cute to hold hands with your friends like little kids do? I shouldn't try to understand what she is thinking because we all know that is not possible.


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  1. # Blogger linamarta

    Britney is a connector and it is a sign that she will not use her power to make war on an individual or country. It is more honest than fake bussing of acquaintances which was once popular in celebrity circles. It is also practical so that she will not be isolated by the paparrrrrrrrazi posse. Their behavior is distance creating between themselves and those whom they stalk. Holding hands creates closeness. This could become a sign of paparrrrrrrazi protest. More power to her!  

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